Katrien Stouffs Team

Genetic aspects of male infertility

The general aims of the research projects involved in male infertility are:

  • To gain insight into genes/transcripts involved in different stages of spermatogenesis
  • To understand genetic causes of male infertility

For the first aim, tissues of patients with complete, partial and absent spermatogenesis are investigated for the presence of coding and non-coding (RNA) transcripts. The presence/absence of these transcripts in different types of patients will give an idea of the expression pattern during different stages of spermatogenesis.

For the second aim, patients with problems during spermatogenesis (fi patients with maturation arrest of spermatogenesis, patients with teratozoospermia...) are investigated with massive parallel sequencing technologies. The aim is to find causal mutations.

From both parts of the project, interesting genes will be selected for further functional analyses.

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